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How to build a personal brand online

Monster PR specialises in building personal brands for entrepreneurs, business specialists and social media influencers.

We provide low-cost solutions for creating and enhancing your brand and image online, and we are industry leaders in this field. This is because Monster PR has unrivalled access to high authority business websites, national, regional and local newspapers, and popular blogs.

We combine our SEO experience with our journalism and media expertise to get your personal brand and chosen keywords ranking high up Google, which ultimately makes you more visible.

How does Monster PR deliver value?

Unlike other PR agencies, Monster PR works within the press. We supply non-commercial content to leading publications all over the globe. This means we have direct access to hundreds of publications and can control the narrative, positioning you as the ‘leading expert’ in your field.

We don’t ‘try’ to get you media coverage; instead, we ‘guarantee’ media coverage.

We’re able to deliver results at exceptionally competitive prices because we’ve stripped away every possible agency overhead. You will not find a more streamlined service within the PR/Media industry.

Our team of writers are all freelance journalists working within the national press. This helps us produce high quality, unique content, at fast speeds and at competitive rates. In addition, it helps us further leverage our connections within the media.

Our in-house SEO experts ensure the content is fully search engine optimised to allow the content to rank well on Google.

Build Personal Brand Online with Monster PR – Here’s how it works:

Our process to help you build a personal brand online is simple and fast:

That’s it! Your personal brand will be more visible and your website’s domain authority will grow. Not only that, but you’ll have independent news articles, talking about you, communicating your message, that can be shared and used as collateral and validation of your services.

No other PR agency combines coverage, reputation management, link building, and SEO as effectively as Monster PR.